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What our clients are saying...

"It was autumn. It was getting cold. I’d just made the biggest, boldest decision of my professional career: to leave the group practice which had been my home for ten years, and to strike out on my own. And then I learned that the accountant I’d trusted for years had been incarcerated for embezzlement. The timing could not have been worse (this is putting it mildly). I felt utterly cast adrift.

Fortunately, my asking around for recommendations guided me to Tabitha Swanson and Mary Eshelman. I’d thought I’d go in to meet them on a semi-casual basis, since I considered it my due diligence to shop around, but intended that I’d make no commitments, light and casual, etc. Well, so much for that idea – I immediately felt so comfortable with them in that first meeting, and felt like they listened deeply, asked me all the right questions, and in general it was clear that they saw my situation and needs in a very grounded and insightful way. Shop around? Forget it. I hired them on the spot, and I’m glad beyond measure that I did. The months since then have been dynamic and exciting, and things are going very well.

As a new business owner, it is extremely important to me to be able to ask my (probably dumb) questions and get answers that are appropriate to my level. (I’m not stupid – I’m really good at my chosen profession – but much of this is new to me.) I love that I have these women on retainer, that we have a plan and strategy for the year, and that I don’t feel as though if I have a question I’m going to get a big whomping bill as thanks for my ignorance. I know this is making me a bolder, more successful entrepreneur, and I know also that it will help me stay in good connection with my money, which is the sort of financial tending I believe helps my level of abundance grow. Not to mention that it is just logistically smooth and easy to work with them. Barrier-free support; it’s what I try to achieve in my own business, and I think its the way all of us SHOULD be with the professionals we work with. I’m tickled to be connected here, and it helps me sleep better to know I have fine helpers. Plus I love that they give away jelly beans. Who knew there were accountants with a sense of humor."

Susan Fekety, Healthy Living Health Care

"I have been using The Swanson Group LLC accounting services since they opened. I have found them to be very thorough and knowledgeable for both personal and business needs. I would recommend their firm with no reservations."

Jeanne Capozza, Capozza Tile & Floor Covering Center

Thank you to Tabitha, Mary, and everyone at The Swanson Eshelman Group for not only getting my company to a healthy financially organized position but also for working with and teaching us how to maintain monthly beneficial reports. Your flat rates not only provide an ease of knowing and budgeting accounting costs into a small business infrastructure but also allows for what all small businesses need to do however all too often assume (without knowing) that it is too expensive. The organization and planning is essential to running a very successful small business. Thank you for amazing rates, exceptional services, and everything else you do without even needing to be asked.

Kelly Mank, Time4Printing

"I highly recommend Tabitha Swanson of The Swanson Eshelman Group LLC for any and all accounting needs! Not only does Tabitha 'know her stuff' when it comes to tax, accounting strategies and tax planning, but she is pro-active towards her clients, always looking for opportunities to give advice which will benefit them."

"Tabitha is approachable, friendly and treats her clients with respect making sure they feel confident and at ease with her advice. Tabitha is a true professional and willingly shares her knowledge and expertise, always offering support and flexibiity. I feel that there is a true partnership in working with Tabitha and that she also makes the time we spend enjoyable!!"

Kathy Peasley, Murray, Plumb & Murray